Why do People Purchase Water Softeners?

It is a well known fact that most people all around the world depend on hard water supply. Hard water always contains excess minerals or metals like calcium, iron and magnesium. Generally speaking, hard water is safe to use but it can invite a wide range of problems associated with cleaning and appliance use. Water softeners dilute or remove the mineral concentrations in the hard water and they offer a wide range of benefits to homeowners.

Clogged pipes and increased energy expenses

Hard water accounts for several problems in a home that may not get unnoticed. Hard water often clog pipes and it also complicates soap and detergent dissolving in water. Hard water leaves behind water spots as well. Since it causes scale buildup inside the pipes and water appliances, the efficiency of the water heater comes down significantly. Consequently, more energy is needed to heat water and such a situation leads to increased energy expenses.

Scratching, skin irritations and sticky hair

Soap becomes less effective in hard water and many people have to deal with problems like scratching and other types of skin irritations when their skin comes into contact with hard water frequently. When people wash their hair in hard water, hair looks sticky and dull and, prolonged contact can cause hair loss as well. If people want to protect their home, they need to use softened water and such a method of approach extends the lifespan of home appliances and pipes. That is exactly where the importance of top quality water softeners comes in.

How do water softeners function?

Hard water needs to be treated using a water softener to eliminate the negative effects according to http://watersoftenersnow.org. Water softeners can be described as specific ion exchanges, designed to remove ions which are positively charged. Calcium ions are transformed into stable calcium crystals by the anti-scale systems and they do not get stuck in the pipes, surfaces or other fixtures. The crystals can be described as really tiny and the water flow rinses away by these small, heat resistant, harmless and neutral crystals.

Hassle free cleaning

When clothes and dishes are washed in hard water, they may end up with white spots and soapy residue. Water softening removes soap residue more precisely to make the clothing, dishes, skin and hair cleaner and, soft water also reduces the quantity of soap or detergent required for cleaning. It leads to reduced expenses for these products and this process also leaves less film and soap scum. It can be said without an iota of doubt that sinks, bathtubs and showers stay cleaner and are easier to maintain after the installation of a water softener.


Major benefits include prolonged appliance life, faster water heating and cleaner plumbing system as well. Various studies have shown that water softener increases the efficiency of water heaters by 22% to 29% and, longer life span for appliances reduces the environment pollution by reducing the waste. All these aspects clearly suggest that water softening has become truly inevitable and the ever rising popularity of softeners reassert this conclusion without a shadow of doubt.


This article analyzes the difference between hard water and soft water and, it also talks about the benefits involved with water softeners.